During combat characters inflict and receive Damage. Each weapon strike or attack inflicts damage unless the player is using an ability that states otherwise. Damage amounts equal to 1 Damage are not called out. If a damage amount is greater than 1 Damage it should be called, otherwise it will be assumed to be 1 Damage.

There are a series of rules that govern combat:

1 One Damage Rule All damage is 1 Damage unless called differently. All 1 Damage attacks should not be called. Firearm damage should be called in order to represent the report of the firearm.
2 Block Rule Any melee attack that hits a weapon or shield before it hits a target is considered a block. Any ranged attack, including supernatural attacks, that cause Damage or Body Damage are also blocked by shields. Status effects and area effects are not blocked by shields. Ranged attacks from firearms are never blocked by shields. Some abilities may override parts of this rule.
3 Defense Rule If a player uses a defensive skill to negate an attack/effect, it must be called within 5 seconds of the attack/effect.
4 Hardness Rule All weapon swings should be performed as gently as possible. Players must ensure they are not hurting anyone with their attacks.
5 90° Swing Rule All melee weapons strikes must be swung in a 90° arc before hitting the target in order to be considered legal.
6 RP Rule If a character takes any form of Damage against his/her Body total he/she MUST roleplay being injured.
7 Legal Attacks Rule Attacks to the head and groin are not legal and may not be counted by the target.
8 Brawling Rule When attacking with Fists, the character must call “Bash” with each strike. Fists can NEVER inflict damage on a target who is wearing at least 5 Armor Points. Attacks from Claws will cause Damage as normal.

Body Points and Armor Points

Body (BOD) – A character’s hit points. Characters start with 4 Body.

Armor (ARM) – The amount of armor that a character is currently wearing. These act like additional hit points.

Bash Attacks

Bash attacks reduce Body just like normal attacks, however if a character is wearing at least 5 points of armor he/she will be immune to Bash attacks.

When a character would be reduced to 0 Body from a Bash attack he/she will instead fall unconscious for 2 minutes rather than entering the Death Count. A Bash attack will never drop a character to 0 Body.

Wearing 5 Armor Points makes a character immune to Bash attacks.