Season 5, Episode 1 Event Details!!

Our first event is taking place this upcoming weekend, Aug. 27 - 29 at Camp Shehaqua in Hickory Run State Park!! This event is our first back and the Colony Alpha staff are super stoked to show you what we've been working on during our super long off season. Staff will be checking in at [...]

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2021 Wyvern Group Event Dates

Please note: The Wyvern Group has updated their COVID-19 safety precautions, including proof of vaccination required to attend LARP events. Please review all updated COVID-19 safety measures here. August 6-8 – Wyvern Rising - Camp Shehaqua August 27-29 – Colony Alpha - Camp Shehaqua September 10-12 – Wyvern Rising - Camp Shehaqua October 1-3 – [...]

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2021 LARP Season and COVID

Hello, everyone. It's the Wyvern Group's directors, Cory, Jessica, Roger, and Jonathan, here. We would like to talk briefly about our projected season for the coming year. As of last month, Hickory Run State Park had plans to allow for group camping again beginning in April, as per their usual schedule, and they have a [...]

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2020 Season Cancellation due to COVID-19

Pennsylvania State Parks have confirmed that group cabin areas will remain closed through the entirety of the 2020 season. For us, this regrettably means that all event dates have been cancelled. While we are exceedingly disappointed that we cannot offer a full LARP experience this year, the health and safety of our staff and participants [...]

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Patch Notes 2.1 for 2018 season!

Hey there colonists! We just wanted to let you know that we have officially released our version 2.1 Patch Notes for the 2018 season! The knowledge paths, skills, and rulebook have already been fully updated with the changes. We've also created a summary of everything that has changed HERE! You, the players, have really helped [...]

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Hey there colonists, Jessica here. My last post didn't cross post to the book of face, so I wanted to restate some stuff! I wanted to keep you updated on the progress we're making for some rules revisions in the off-season. We're starting with some minor changes and then working up to a few skill [...]

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Patch Notes – July 2016

Hello Colony Alpha! We've been working hard on some new mechanics and updates to some of our rules the last few months. We've been getting a lot of great feedback and we certainly appreciate it, so keep it coming! New Stuff! The Electrokinetic path has been released! See the Knowledges, Skills, and Weapons Lists page for [...]

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