2019 Dates!!

We've got your 2019 Colony Alpha LARP dates!! APR 26-28, Colony Alpha @ Shehaqua JUL 12-14, Colony Alpha @ Daddy Allen OCT 18-20, Colony Alpha @ Shehaqua Also, if you're interested in our medieval fantasy sister larp Wyvern Rising, here are their dates: APR 12-14, Wyvern Rising @ Shehaqua MAY 10-12, Wyvern Rising @ Shehaqua [...]

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Welcome to the off-season!

Hey there colonists, Jessica here. I just wanted to keep you updated on the progress we're making for some rules revisions in the off-season. We're starting with some minor changes and then working up to a few skill path revisions. I'll post periodically as we make changes, as well as keep a change log for [...]

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Thank you for attending the premiere of Colony Alpha!

Our inaugural Colony Alpha event took place May 13-15 - and it was an unprecedented success! We want to thank every single one of you for attending, and helping to make our premiere event a huge success! In case you were unable to attend, or forgot some of the things we discussed at Closing Ceremonies, [...]

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