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It is the year 5616. You are a colonist aboard the slowboat PCS Dauntless. You left your life and home behind so that humanity might escape the destruction of the solar system. Your destination is a planet officially designated as LV34, which orbits the main sequence star HIP 52839 in the Theta Carinae Cluster.

For you, nothing has changed since the day you went into coldsleep in the year 2610. But Earth, Mars, and the entire Sol system are gone. They were destroyed by a supernova three thousand years ago around the year 2650 while you were in suspended animation.

Adventure and mystery awaits you and your fellow colonists when you awake from coldsleep to explore your new home on LV34 and contact the other surviving colony ships that traveled with you to the Theta Carinae Cluster.

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2019 Dates!!

March 27th, 2019|0 Comments

We've got your 2019 Colony Alpha LARP dates!! APR 26-28, Colony Alpha @ Shehaqua JUL 12-14, Colony Alpha @ Daddy Allen OCT 18-20, Colony Alpha @ Shehaqua Also, if you're interested in our medieval fantasy [...]